- 17:00

Remida Creative Recycling Centre, Open


For the Loris Malaguzzi centenary celebrations the Remida Creative Recycling Centre will be open all day for everyone to visit, and for distribution of materials for card holders only.


Remida, The Creative Recycling Centre



- 19:00

Plenary session of the Conference “If the eye leaps over the wall”

If the Eye Leaps over the Wall conference


Conducted by Loredana Lipperini, journalist, writer and radio host.


Greetings from the Institutions 

Luca Vecchi, Mayor of the city of Reggio Emilia

Raffaella Curioni, City Officer for education and knowledge



Telmo Pievani

Biologist and expert on the theory of evolution Telmo Pievani has authored several books and papers on the philosophy of science, many of which have been translated into other languages. He currently holds Italy’s first Chair in Philosophy of Biological Sciences in the Biology Department of Padua University, Italy.

Tahar Ben Jelloun

Poet, novelist and journalist Tahar Ben Jelloun was awarded the Global Tolerance Award by United Nations secretary Kofi Annan for his work “Racism Explained to My Daughter” and its profound message.

Video Conference - Howard Gardner

Research Full Professor of Cognitive and Pedagogical Sciences (chair named after John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs) at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Senior Director of Project Zero.

Vera Gheno

Sociolinguist Vera Gheno specialises in digital communication and is a translator of work in Hungarian. For twenty years she has collaborated with the Accademia della Crusca as a language consultant and manager of the Accademia’s Twitter account.

She collaborates with Zanichelli publishers and teaches at Florence University.

Michele De Lucchi

Architect Michele di Lucchi is Professor at the Design Faculty of the Politecnico of Milan and a member of the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca in Rome.


Concluding Remarks

Luca Vecchi, Mayor of Reggio Emilia, in dialogue with Loredana Lipperini


Speaker sessions will alternate with audio and video material not previously made public of Loris Malaguzzi, and of Reggio Emilia's infant-toddler centres and preschools.


The Plenary session will be in Italian and English with simultaneous translation.


Valli Municipal Theatre



- 16:30

“If the eye leaps over the wall” Conference Seminars

1.The right to rights
An ecological vision of human beings

Place: Annamaria and Marco Gerra Auditorium, Loris Malaguzzi International Centre

Place: Sala Specchi, Romolo Valli Municipal Theatre

Place: Annamaria and Marco Gerra Auditorium, Loris Malaguzzi International Centre

Place: Credem Auditorium

Place: Pietro Mandori Aula Magna, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia



- 16:45

Fahrenheit live from Diana Preschool

Loredana Lipperini hosts various guests for a programme dedicated to Loris Malaguzzi and Gianni Rodari.

Fahrenheit is an afternoon programme by RAI Radio 3 national radio, which has been broadcast since September 1999, describing itself as a programme of “books and ideas”. Conceived by Marino Sinibaldi and directed by Susanna Tartaro.


Diana municipal preschool


Visits and dialogue with aperitivo drinks
For participants at If the Eye Leaps over the Wall conference

For participants at If the Eye Leaps over the Wall conference, visits and dialogue with aperitivo drinks in infant-toddler centres and preschools, in collaboration with the integrated education system



The Night of Tales “Stories in heaven and earth”

The night of tales: all together, everyone at the same time, adults and children in circles of stories, adventures and emotions, reading, telling and listening.

From Reggio Emilia an invitation to the world to discover the magic and value of storytelling, in where a chorus of voices, like starts, will light up the night of tales.

This year the Night of Tales is dedicated to Loris Malaguzzi and Gianni Rodari who both celebrate their centenaries in 2020.

The theme of this year’s Night of Tales is: STORIES IN HEAVEN AND EARTH



- 12:30

Together for rights
Discussion panel on children’s rights between International and National Foundations

An event promoted by the Fondazione Reggio Children - Centro Loris Malaguzzi, Municipality of Reggio Emilia, and Fondazione Manodori, with foundation, international and national associations actively involved in projects of research and solidarity for the promotion of quality education with Fondazione Reggio Children - Centro Loris Malaguzzi.

Participants: Acri, Enel Cuore Onlus, Minderoo, The LEGO Foundation.


Speakers Luca Vecchi, mayor of Reggio Emilia Municipality, Carla Rinaldi, president of Fondazione Reggio Children - Centro Loris Malaguzzi, Romano Sassatelli, president of Fondazione Manodori, Francesco Profumo, president of Acri-Associazione di Fondazioni and Casse di risparmio spa, Jay Weatherill, Jay Weatherill chief executive officer of Thrive by Five, Minderoo Foundation, Bo Stjerne Thomsen, vice-president of the LEGO Foundation, and Novella Pellegrini, general secretary of the  Associazione Enel Cuore – Enel Cuore Onlus.


This event is by invitation for representatives of city foundations, institutions and associations, based on seating availability.


Info: -


Palazzo del Monte


- 12:30

Interactive atelier experiences
for teachers, educators, researchers, tourists, citizens and all curious people

Ateliers open:

Mosaic of Graphics Words and Materials, In the Shape of Clay, Digital Landscapes, Photos at the Centre, Ray of Light

curated by Reggio Children


A treasure of tastes: The Reggio Cappelletto

by the cooks at Pause-Atelier of Tastes and experts from the Association of the Reggio Cappelletto


Cost: € 10 (registration is first come first served)


The Pause-Atelier of Tastes Cafeteria will open at 9.30 am for breakfasts, snacks and sandwiches



Loris Malaguzzi International Centre



Inauguration of the exhibition Clay. Prelude to a manual and the exhibition Figures for Gianni Rodari

Inauguration of the exhibition Clay. Prelude to a manual, curated by the Istituzione Preschools and Infant-toddler Centres of Reggio Emilia Municipality, and Reggio Children, an anticipation of the manual on the language of clay to be published by Reggio Children in 2020. The book will offer technical information and educational suggestions by starting from projects developed together with children in the infant-toddler centres and preschools, and with older children and adults frequenting the atelier at the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre.


Inauguration of the exhibition Figures for Gianni Rodari, dedicated to Italian artists who have illustrated Gianni Rodari’s work. The original exhibition was organised by the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco in collaboration with Bologna Children’s Book Fair, curated by Giannino Stoppani/Accademia Drosselmeier and supported by Emilia-Romagna Region. The version presented here is a digital revisitation, designed and realised by Reggio Children.


Loris Malaguzzi International Centre


Imagine a Forest
Video Projection and Installation

Projection of the IMAGINE A FOREST video accompanying the diffused exhibition of drawings and theories on trees and nature by children in infant-toddler centres and preschools, which can be found in several stores throughout Reggio Emilia’s historic city centre.



Piazza Martiri del 7 luglio



- 11:00

Visit of the Allende Infant-toddler centre and Allende Preschool

Visits of the infant-toddler centre, preschool, and the gardens, organised by the personnel of the Allende Infant-toddler centre and Allende Preschool


- 13:00

treesure City Atelier
in dialogue with the nature of trees

The Atelier in the Allende Park offers a time for dialogue with trees, making it an opportunity for contemplation and research in a place of education, where children have their own dialogue with nature as they carry our their research.


Please note:

If the weather is rainy the atelier will be held inside the preschool.

Suitable shoes and clothes for outdoor activity are advised.


Atelier for teachers, educators, researchers, tourists, citizens and all curious people


Atelier fully booked 




- 17:00

Children at the Centre
Ateliers, explorations, storytelling, games and fun for children and families

Activities are in Italian.



A cake with a 100 candles

By Pause-Atelier of Tastes

For Loris Malaguzzi’s birthday we will be celebrating with a party moment, and a large cake with 100 candles will be offered to everyone who wants to be with us, children, families, citizens, institutions and friends. The cake will be made by Pause – Atelier of Tastes, and served at 3.30pm in the piazza of the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre.


Opening times:

9.30am Pause-Atelier of Tastes Cafeteria with breakfasts, snacks and sandwiches

11am - 5pm Reggio Children Bookshop




Loris Malaguzzi International Centre